Succeed with a 4th “mode”

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It’s common knowledge in our industry to know that you ship a small package with a parcel carrier, 1-4 pallet orders with an LTL carrier, and a full 53′ trailer can hold about 28 pallets so truckload carriers get those shipments.

But who do you use when you have the “in between” 6-20 pallet orders?  If it’s moving nationwide out of CA, then SUNSET PACIFIC TRANSPORTATION.

Moving partial truckloads, otherwise known as volume LTL, is combining the best aspects of LTL and TL.  You only pay for the space you use in a trailer (like LTL), but you also get direct service to your customer without re-handling while in transit (like TL).


Adding this 4th mode (parcel, LTL, TL and now Volume LTL) will save you money and increase your efficiency (less handling = less claims).
Do you ship 6-20 pallet orders moving out of California?

Contact us now to see the value Sunset Pacific can bring.  If you are moving partial truckloads out of California, we are a great option for you today!

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