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Partial Truckload & Volume LTL

Get the best rates today with Sunset Pacific Transportation. We make nationwide deliveries for shipments originating out of California, Nevada and Arizona.

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Partial Truckload and Volume LTL Shipments

It’s not Truckload. It’s not LTL. Get the best of both modes with Partial Truckload by Sunset Pacific Transportation.

Some kinds of freight are best suited for Partial Truckload and Volume LTL by Sunset Pacific Transportation. They are:

  • 5-21 pallets

  • Up to 35 ft of trailer space

  • Require a pre-set delivery appointment at destination

  • Bulky or oversized products

  • Heavy products up to 25,000 lbs.

  • Fragile products

  • Products with specialized handling requirements such as floor loading, blanket wrap, etc.

  • Shipment origins in California, Nevada and Arizona

What is Partial Truckload?

Our Transit Area

Picking up across the West Coast with origins in California, Nevada and Arizona. Delivering to all 48 states in the Continental US.

Sunset Pacific Transit Map

Who We Serve

Sunset Pacific Transportation primarily serves two kinds of customers.

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s)

Serving Third Party Logistics Providers

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s) nationwide turn to Sunset Pacific Transportation for great rates with high service levels from a mode they can’t get anywhere else. We are the Carrier of Choice for Partial Truckload and Volume LTL for large brokers such as CH Robinson, Coyote and Echo, as well as small, specialized 3PLs.

Shippers and Direct Customers

Serving Shippers and Direct Customers

Shippers and Direct Customers in wide range of industries with diverse product profiles partner with Sunset Pacific Transportation directly as well. What they like most: Truckload-like service and specialized product handling at a fraction of the price. Hussman, UHaul and Zamboni, among others, have come to rely on us for an exceptional shipping and delivery experience for shipments originating out of California, Arizona and Nevada.

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Freight Transportation Services

As a shipping carrier, we specialize in handling freight that is too big, too heavy, too fragile, or too bulky for Traditional LTL. Providing Freight Consolidation for LTL, Volume LTL, Partial Truckload, and Full Truckload modes — we relentlessly meet the diverse needs of both freight brokers and shippers.

Volume LTL Services

Volume LTL

We’re experts at managing Volume LTL shipments at the BEST rates. We take your 5-21 standard pallet spots or up to 35′ of space and consolidate them with other shipments from different companies, allowing our dedicated network of carriers to deliver your shipment wherever it needs to go nationwide with only one stop. When you work with Sunset Pacific Transportation, you can expect to experience on-time delivery with pre-set delivery appointments and exceptionally low damage claims, risks or delays.

Partial Truckload Services

Partial Truckload

Do you have shipments that are large, heavy, bulky, fragile or require pre-set appointments? Traditional LTL providers often ‘volume out’ these shipments. With Sunset Pacific Transportation, you can still get the cost benefits of LTL, but with all the value-adds for Truckload! Get a great rate today, and arrange your next same-day pick-up with a personal, direct representative from Sunset Pacific Transportation.

LTL Consolidation Services

LTL Consolidation & Transload

Optimize truck space across multiple shipments by consolidating shipments based on the same destination or similar routes. Best of all, only pay for the space you use in a Full Truckload, while still enjoying the benefits of great service and specialized handling. With LTL Consolidation & Transload, we facilitate transferring your shipment from one mode to another without sacrificing standard transit times.

Full Truckload Services

Full Truckload

We minimize transit times and meet delivery windows — all at a great rate! We move your Full Truckload shipments originating out of California, Arizona and Nevada nationwide for fast delivery, greater control, security, and flexibility from start to finish.

Long Haul Transportation Services

Long Haul Transportation

Needing to cover vast terrain? Work with the premiere Long Haul Transportation experts at Sunset Pacific Transportation, and tap into the most timely and cost-effective shipping. We deliver to all 48 continental states!

Freight Consolidation Services

Freight Consolidation

Pay for only the space you need when you consolidate freight with Sunset Pacific Transportation! When your freight is consolidated with other shipments, we help you retain the benefits of a Full Truckload shipment even when you can’t fill a full truck. Worried about stops and excessive offloading and reloading? Don’t worry; we take the headaches away with only one stop and no re-loading. Take advantage of Freight Consolidation today.

Last Mile Delivery Services

Last-Mile Delivery

The Last Mile is often the hardest when it comes to achieving retailer requirements at destination. If you’ve ever had freight deliveries turned away, you know what we mean. When you work with Sunset Pacific Transportation for Last Mile Delivery, your direct, personalized representative presets delivery appointments and keeps careful watch that all retailer requirements are met every step of the way. Stay on track, on-time and penalty free with Sunset Pacific Transportation

Trust the Partial Truckload and Volume LTL Experts

Join the 15,000 businesses that depend on Sunset Pacific Transportation to ship their freight.

Meet Sunset Pacific Transportation. Pickups in California, Nevada and Arizona. Delivering Nationwide.

Sunset Pacific Transportation is a transportation carrier based in Chino, California. We specialize in Partial Truckload and Volume LTL shipments originating in California, Nevada and Arizona with destinations across the United States. Our Partial Truckload solution is also known as Volume LTL, LTL Consolidation and Shared Truckload in some markets.

When you work with us for your next Partial Truckload shipment, you can expect to get rates comparable to LTL but without a service sacrifice. In fact, your freight originating out of California is only ‘touched’ once at our Chino, CA warehouse before being shipped directly to its final destination. That means you get the best of LTL combined with all the service benefits of Truckload.

Same day local pick up in Southern CA!

Same day or Next day pick up in Northern CA, Phoenix, AZ, or Las Vegas, NV.

Sunset Pacific Delivery Nationwide
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Sustainability: Partial Truckload & The Environment

At Sunset Pacific Transportation, we believe every company and every shipper has a role to play in making their operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In fact, when shipments are consolidated using our Partial Truckload solution, our clients are doing their part to use only the truckload space they need. This reduces wasteful miles traveled and makes a dramatic impact on lowering carbon emissions.

What Other Businesses Are Saying About Sunset Pacific Transportation

Technology That Transforms

Our technology makes the shipping process more efficient by providing:

Fast Quotes Icon

Fast Online Quotes

Fast online quotes via email, web or phone

Load Tender Icon

Easy Load

Available through email, EDI, API or our customer portal

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Real-time shipment tracking to final destination

Appointments Icon

Pre-Set Appointments

Delivery appointments pre-set and visible online

Proof of Delivery Icon

Improved Driver Safety

Driver safety through monitoring and scoring platforms

Driver Security Icon

Enhanced Security

Security lockdown capabilities

Proof of Delivery Icon

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic proof of delivery (POD) on website or via email

Quick Chat Icon

Online Chat

Online chat with your service representative

Flexible Billing Icon

Flexible Billing Options

Billing through website, email, EDI, web portal, or good old fashioned mail

Online Portal Icon

Customer Portals

Customer portals/CRM for every step of the process

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing our technology has your shipment covered from start to finish.

Haul With Us

From pick-up and delivery to transportation management and communication, we’re looking for the right partners to ensure shipments both locally in the Western US as well as nationwide. We provide you with better-than-market rates and quality loads. With fast settlements, and amenities like a driver’s lounge, and much more — we value your role as a carrier partner and make working with us an easy YES.

Sunset Pacific Transportation — Get the Best Rate for Partial Truckload Today

Tap into the exclusive transportation carrier for Partial Truckload and Volume LTL. From specialized handling, personalized service, and exacting delivery, get all of the value at the BEST rate with Sunset Pacific Transportation.