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Specialized Freight Services for Partial Truckload

Sunset Pacific Transportation provides specialized freight shipping for freight brokers and shippers. Get the best rates for speciality freight services — paired with short transit times, only one freight touch, and the ultimate service experience! With Sunset Pacific Transportation, you can enjoy-

  • Shipment consolidation
  • Floor loading
  • Custom decking
  • Bulky, oversized or heavy shipments
  • Arranging for a pre-set delivery appointment
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • High-performance, personalized service representative
  • Other specialized handling requirements

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Partial Truckload Services

What are Specialized Freight Services

Specialized freight services involve unique cargo types requiring special handling, equipment, or expertise, such as oversized, hazardous, perishable, or fragile goods. Examples include heavy haulage for large equipment, refrigerated transport for perishables, hazardous materials transportation, and white glove delivery for delicate items like artwork. Carriers have specialized equipment, trained staff, and certifications for safe transportation.
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Trust the Specialized Freight Experts

Join the 15,000 businesses that depend on Sunset Pacific Transportation to ship their special service freight.

Specialized Freight Services

Load to Ride LTL

Load to Ride LTL

Take advantage of our Load To Ride Service for freight that cannot be handled or cross-docked. Load your specialized freight in the front (nose) of our carrier’s trailer, and we’ll transport it “untouched” from point A to point B directly to your customer.
Blanket Wrap

Blanket Wrap

Safeguard delicate and valuable items by opting for our blanket wrap service — All partner trailers in our network are equipped with air ride suspension.
Fragile Freight at Sunset Pacific Transportation


Sunset Pacific Transportation boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in specialized freight trucking. Examples of fragile cargo commonly handled by Sunset Pacific include store fixtures, refrigeration units, furniture, and glass.
Port to door with Sunset Pacific Transportation

Port to Door

Sunset Pacific Transportation will:

  • Coordinate the pick-up of containers from the Los Angeles/Long Beach ports
  • Cross-dock, sort, segregate, palletize your freight
  • Ship your freight to final destination(s)
  • LCL port to door service also available
  • Pick up at all Container Freight Stations
Specialized Services - Container Devanning

Container Devanning

Our warehouse personnel can take care of your container, unloading it and preparing it for shipping.

Last Mile Delivery Services

Last Mile Delivery and Re-Delivery

We understand the frustrations of dealing with rigid delivery appointments at retail distribution centers. Should you encounter a refused shipment, count on us to manage the redelivery process. Freight refused due to shifting, bad pallets, or damages? Bring your shipment to our Chino, CA warehouse and we will take care of it for you.

Specialized Freight Services Originating in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Illinois. Delivering Nationwide.

With pick-up origins throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, we achieve nationwide specialized freight transportation with pre-set appointments to major retailers. When you work with us for Partial Truckload, gain access to —

  • Same-day local pick-up in Southern CA
  • Same Day or Next day pick up in Northern CA, Phoenix, AZ, or Las Vegas, NV
  • Typical 3-5 business days in transit, customized to your requirements
Sunset Pacific Transit Map

Who We Serve

Sunset Pacific Transportation primarily serves two kinds of customers.

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s)

Serving Third Party Logistics Providers
Third-party logistics Providers (3PLs) nationwide turn to Sunset Pacific Transportation for great rates with high service levels from a mode they can’t get anywhere else. We are the Carrier of Choice for Partial Truckload and Volume LTL for large brokers such as CH Robinson, Coyote, and Echo, as well as small, specialized 3PLs.

Shippers and Direct Customers

Serving Shippers and Direct Customers
Shippers and Direct Customers in a wide range of industries with diverse product profiles partner with Sunset Pacific Transportation directly as well. What they like most: Truckload-like service and specialized product handling at a fraction of the price. Hussman, UHaul, and Zamboni, among others, have come to rely on us for an exceptional shipping and delivery experience for shipments originating out of California, Arizona, and Nevada.
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Why Choose Sunset Pacific Transportation as Your Specialized Freight Carrier

Since 1987, Sunset Pacific Transportation has served as the industry leader for specialty freight carriers. We consolidate multiple shipments from different companies into one truckload, giving you the best rate benefits of Traditional LTL shipping combined with the great service and handling requirements one expects from Full Truckload. Headquartered in Chino, CA, Sunset Pacific Transportation provides:
  • Flexible weight and volume options to accommodate a wide range of shipment sizes
  • Guaranteed space and dedicated truck utilization
  • Reduced handling and fewer touchpoints compared to Traditional LTL or multiple LTL shipments
  • Direct, personalized, and dedicated service representative
  • Same Day Pick Up for Southern CA
  • Same Day or Next Day Pick Up for Northern CA, Phoenix, and Las Vegas
Sunset Pacific Transportation Team

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Tap into the Ultimate Care for Your Specialized Freight Shipments with Sunset Pacific Transportation

Whether you have a few pallets of fragile items or a large bulky commercial appliance, we serve as the industry’s shipping experts for Partial Truckload or Volume LTL. Get the ultimate customer service experience to address all of your unique shipping requirements when you work with us.

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