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About Us

Sunset Pacific Transportation is a the nation’s leading Partial Truckload and Volume LTL carrier. We handle nationwide deliveries for shipments originating out of California, Arizona and Nevada.

Sunset Pacific Transportation is the #1 Partial Truckload and Volume LTL carrier in the Transportation Industry

When it comes to Partial Truckload and Volume LTL, we are the experts. Sunset Pacific Transportation, founded in 1987, is a transportation carrier based in Chino, California. We specialize in Partial Truckload and Volume LTL shipments originating in California, Nevada and Arizona with destinations across the United States.

We believe in providing our customers with only exceptional solutions for their partial truckload shipments. By collaborating with us, you’ll experience rates that are on par with Less Than Truckload (LTL) options, but without compromising on service quality. Our niche streamlined process ensures that your freight is handled just once at our Chino, CA warehouse before being sent directly to its ultimate destination. This unique approach offers our valued customers the advantages of both LTL and truckload services, combining cost-effectiveness with the highest level of service benefits.

Sunset Pacific Transportation Team

Who We Are

Sunset Pacific Transportation is a transportation provider based in Chino, California — just minutes outside of Los Angeles. We provide Partial Truckload, Volume LTL, LTL Consolidation, Transloading and other specialized services for our clients whose shipments originate out of CA, NV and AZ. We delivery to the nation’s largest retailers and work with both freight brokers and direct shippers alike, enabling them to tap into the industry’s best freight rates with superior service levels.

What We Do

Sunset Pacific Transportation is the transportation industry leader in Partial Truckload shipping. Partial Truckload is a premium service that fits in between Traditional LTL and Full Truckload. Like LTL, it offers great rates based on only the space you use in a truck. Like Full Truckload, it comes with the ability to meet specialized handling requirements, pre-set delivery windows, and exceptional customer service. If you need the cost benefits of LTL without sacrificing the value-added benefits of Truckload, then Partial Truckload with Sunset Pacific Transportation is the perfect match for you! Key features of what we do include:

  • Same-day pick-ups at a California-based origin

  • Pre-set a delivery appointment

  • Direct, personalized service representative to manage your shipment every step of the way

  • Access to real-time shipment tracking

  • Excellent Transit Times

  • Meet all special freight handling requirements, such as floor loading, custom blanket wrapping, decking and more

  • Low-touch-no-touch freight with only one stop for minimized product damage risk

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with unique solutions and innovative, cost effective methods to move Partial Truckload and Volume LTL freight. We are the transportation industry’s expert carrier — and your first choice — for shipping Partial Truckload and Volume LTL at the best rates. We do it with exceptional service, damage-free transit and the highest standards in safety.

Sustainability Icon

Sustainability: Partial Truckload & The Environment

At Sunset Pacific Transportation, we believe every company and every shipper has a role to play in making their operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In fact, when shipments are consolidated using our Partial Truckload solution, our clients are doing their part to use only the truckload space they need. This reduces wasteful miles traveled and makes a dramatic impact on lowering carbon emissions.

Meet the Team


Josh Craig

CEO, Executive President

Peggy Lemus

Peggy Lemus

Executive Vice President


Maria Coronado

CFO, Executive Vice President


Rita Yang

Executive Vice President, Sales


Cassandra Bielma

Director of Operations, Logistics and Dispatch


Julissa Villasenor

Director of Sales Operations and Warehouse


Jessica Villalobos

Assistant Controller


Michael Lizarraga

Warehouse, Local Manager


Lupe Rico-Lemus

Sales Manager


Vincent Mendoza

IT Manager


Michelle Hernandez

Dispatch Manager


Elisa Segura

Logistics Manager


Cathy Kao

Recruiting Manager


Elsa Sifuentes

Safety Manager


Cindy Cortez

Human Resource Manager


Eric Granados

Sales Support Assistant Manager


Jonathan Servin

Warehouse Manager

Our History

Sunset Pacific Transportation has been in business since 1987 moving freight nationwide. We have evolved from our early roots as a specialty machine hauler to become one of the nation’s most recognized Partial Truckload and Volume LTL carriers.

As our clients have grown and diversified the ways they manage freight and secure the best market rates, we work collaboratively with freight brokers and direct shippers alike in finding the most creative, innovative and sustainable ways to move freight that originates on the West Coast to other parts of the country.

Commence operations with small truck fleet handling local and over-the-road truckload shipments.
Establishing Partnership
Sunset Pacific Transportation establishes relationship with Hussmann Corporation, which still exists today.
Becoming a Corporation
Company officially becomes a corporation, hauling truckload volumes
Addition to the Team
Maria Coronado, CFO, joins Sunset Pacific Transportation
Important Milestone
Company becomes 30% ESOP
New Leadership
Josh Craig, CEO, joins Sunset Pacific Transportation
Sunset Pacific Logistics, Inc., a subsidiary of Sunset Pacific Transportation, Inc., is formed
Complete Ownership
Company becomes 100% ESOP
Shifting Focus
Sunset Pacific Transportation becomes partial truckload carrier
Leadership Expansion
Peggy Lemus, Executive Vice President of Operations and Rita Yang, Executive Vice President of Sales, join Sunset Pacific Transportation
Sunset Pacific acquired by private equity firm
Facility Upgrade
Moved from a 50,000 sq. ft. facility into a new 136,000 sq. ft. facility

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