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Get the BEST Full Truckload Rates and Service with Sunset Pacific Transportation.

Sunset Pacific Transportation builds Full Truckload shipments by combining multiple smaller loads from different shippers. Do you have up to 24 standard pallets, up to 40 linear ft. or up to 25,000 lbs of material to ship? When approaching these volume thresholds, most shippers will default to Full Truckload as the mode. Not with us! We provide competitive rates for these kinds of shipments originating in California, Arizona, Nevada and Chicagoland. Enjoy faster delivery, greater control, security, and flexibility from start to finish when you work with Sunset Pacific Transportation.

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Full Truckload Transportation at Sunset Pacific Transportation

What is Full Truckload?

Full Truckload, also called Truckload or TL, is the shipment of a full 53 ft. trailer or intermodal container. A typical Full Truckload has space for 24 to 30 pallets and generally weighs between 5,000 to 45,000 pounds. Sunset Pacific Transportation builds Full Truckloads by consolidating multiple smaller shipments using a Partial Truckload solution.

Once our Full Truckloads are built, they move from origin to destination without the interruption of multiple stops and freight remains on the truck in its same secure spot and position for the entirety of the trip. That means Full Truckload shippers experience excellent transit times and reduced damage claims, even when consolidating their shipment with others.

Trust the Freight Transportation Experts

Join the 15,000 businesses that depend on Sunset Pacific Transportation to ship their freight.

Full Truckload Services

When you ship with Sunset Pacific Transportation, you can expect an exceptional service experience with the best freight rates in the industry for shipments originating out of California, Nevada and Arizona. Our team specializes in building Partial Truckload shipments, and then sending full trucks to their ultimate destination in any of the 48 states in the continental US. Best of all, shippers only pay for the space they use on the truck. When you work with our Truckload experts, they will help you:

  • Arrange same-day pick-up at a California-based origins

  • Pre-set a delivery appointment
  • Provide access to real-time shipment tracking
  • Secure all special freight handling requirements, such as floor loading, custom blanket wrapping, decking and more
  • Backhauls covered by Sunset Pacific Transportation so you enjoy even better rates
Partial Truckload Services

Who We Serve

Sunset Pacific Transportation primarily serves two kinds of customers.

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s)

Serving Third Party Logistics Providers

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s) nationwide turn to Sunset Pacific Transportation for great rates with high service levels from a mode they can’t get anywhere else. We are the Carrier of Choice for Partial Truckload and Volume LTL for large brokers such as CH Robinson, Coyote and Echo, as well as small, specialized 3PLs.

Shippers and Direct Customers

Serving Shippers and Direct Customers

Shippers and Direct Customers in wide range of industries with diverse product profiles partner with Sunset Pacific Transportation directly as well. What they like most: Truckload-like service and specialized product handling at a fraction of the price. Hussman, UHaul and Zamboni, among others, have come to rely on us for an exceptional shipping and delivery experience for shipments originating out of California, Arizona and Nevada.

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Benefits of Choosing Full Truckload with Sunset Pacific Transportation

Only pay for the truckload space you need, without sacrificing service and delivery timeframes!

  • Save Money with the Best Freight Rates

  • Excellent Transit Times, especially compared to Traditional LTL
  • Dedicated capacity for your shipment at a fraction of the rate of truckload
  • Direct, personalized service representative to manage your shipment every step of the way
  • Pre-set delivery appointments at destination
  • Low-touch-no-touch freight with only one stop for minimized product damage risk
Sunset Pacific Trucks

Technology That Transforms

Our technology makes the shipping process more efficient by providing:

Fast Quotes Icon

Fast Online Quotes

Fast online quotes via email, web or phone

Load Tender Icon

Easy Load

Available through email, EDI, API or our customer portal

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Real-time shipment tracking to final destination

Appointments Icon

Pre-Set Appointments

Delivery appointments pre-set and visible online

Proof of Delivery Icon

Improved Driver Safety

Driver safety through monitoring and scoring platforms

Driver Security Icon

Enhanced Security

Security lockdown capabilities

Proof of Delivery Icon

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic proof of delivery (POD) on website or via email

Quick Chat Icon

Online Chat

Online chat with your service representative

Flexible Billing Icon

Flexible Billing Options

Billing through website, email, EDI, web portal, or good old fashioned mail

Online Portal Icon

Customer Portals

Customer portals/CRM for every step of the process

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing our technology has your shipment covered from start to finish.

Full Truckload originating in California, Nevada and Arizona. Delivering nationwide.

With pick-up origins throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, we achieve nationwide deliveries with pre-set appointments to major retailers. When you work with us for LTL Consolidation, gain access to: —

  • Same day local pick up in Southern CA
  • Same day or Next day pick up in Northern CA, Phoenix, AZ, or Las Vegas, NV
  • Fast deliveries customized to your requirements
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