What We Do

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Sunset Pacific Transportation is a consolidator that ships Nationwide.

Sunset Pacific Transportation is a logistics company located in Chino, California- just minutes outside of Los Angeles.
Sunset Pacific Transportation provides Freight Consolidation for LTL, Volume LTL, Partial Truckload, Full Truckload, and other logistics solutions for our clients. We work with large, well-known retailers as a vendor consolidation point and strive to provide unique solutions to save money and improve service for our clients through the new mode, consolidation.


As a logistics company, we are able to move your freight throughout the country with great flexibility and utilize our strategy to handle an unlimited capacity of freight.

With clients ranging from commercial refrigeration to consumer electronics (and just about everything in between), we provide a premium service that fits in between common LTL and full truckload. We are able to save our customers money on shipments that are too big for common LTL carrier rates, but don’t fill a full 53’ trailer. Learn More about Volume LTL.


We also provide full truckload services and warehousing, as well as serve as a vendor consolidation point.

We strive to provide unique solutions to save money, improve service and become an integral part of our client’s supply chain.

Clients are treated to hands on, personal service through our sales and customer service management team.

Service is provided with a sense of urgency for fulfilling the needs of our clients.

We have reliable capacity that is always needed today’s market.


Utilize the NEW  Mode.  Consolidation.