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Sunset Pacific Logistics is interested in New Carriers!


Why Haul for Sunset Pacific Transportation?

  • Great Rates!
    • Above Market Rates.
  • Great Loads!
    • All Dry Freight, No Hazmat. No Reefer.
    • Long haul loads.
    • Year Round.
  • Great Settlement!
    • Excellent Credit Scores.
    • Next Day Quick Pay Available.
    • Fuel Advance Available.
    • Direct Deposit Available.
  • We are the Shipper!
    • We load your truck.
    • All loads originate from our warehouse in Chino CA.
  • Great People!
    • Dispatch Support.
    • Nights and Weekends.
    • We Speak English, Spanish, and Mandarin.
    • Friendly!
  • Great Place!
    • Scale nearby.
    • Driver lounge with Shower, TV, Couches, and WIFI.
    • Vending Machines and Beverages.
    • Free Coffee!
  • California
    • When in California, Contact Us, We will have a load for you!
    • Outbound CA to the Entire United States (Regional and Coast to Coast).

Carrier Testimonials

testimonial_avatar_1We have hauled for Sunset for about 3-4 years now. Excellent company to deal with. Available on the phone 24/7. Quick in resolving any issues. Always easy in and out, and will take care of you if you have detention. They are very easy to haul for and seems like very nice and kind people in general. -Raymond S
We have been hauling for Sunset Pacific Transportation for the past
testimonial_avatar_1 year. Our main contact dispatch is Cassandra and all communication between my dispatch and her have been going smooth and without a hitch. Whenever she says the load is ready, that means it’s ready and the truck leaves within two hours of the appointed time. It is a good broker to work with based out of So Cal. Not easy to find a broker down there with so much year round freight and decent rates on top of that. –Genko R

We started hauling for Sunset Pacific couple months ago and right now they are our main shipper from South California. Great people, especially Cassandra, who is always helpful with scheduling the pick up and delivery appointments according to our needs. Light loads, good rates, smooth communication. We never had any issues and will continue to work with them. Great experience! –Yordan Y.


We’ve been hauling for with this company for more than 5 years. Never have any issues. Great people, professional dispatchers and flexible pickup schedule. –Tracy L

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