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Get the best Volume LTL shipping quotes today with Sunset Pacific Transportation. We make nationwide deliveries for shipments originating out of California, Nevada and Arizona. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and ensuring that your freight is delivered safely and on time.

What is Volume LTL Shipping?

Volume Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping is a freight transportation mode that falls between standard LTL and full truckload (FTL) shipping. It involves consolidating multiple shippers’ goods onto one truck, optimizing space and reducing costs for each shipper. It’s ideal for larger but not full-truck shipments that seek cost-effective rates.

The Best Volume LTL Rates

Good: The rate for 10 standard pallets on intermodal shipping would look like $4,706. It would spend over 10 days in transit at a medium claims risk.

Better: The rate for 10 standard pallets using standard LTL shipping would look like $3,190. It would spend 7-10 days in transit (not including weekends) at a high claims risk.

At Sunset Pacific Transportation, we offer the Best volume LTL rates at $2,295 for 10 standard pallets. It would spend 4-7 days in transit at a low claims risk.

Check out the Tremendous Benefits Volume LTL Shipping Offers 3PLS

Save money: Better Margins utilizing Consolidation vs. Full Truckload or Intermodal

Get the Best Rate: Flexible Spot Quote Pricing

Quick: Extremely Responsive to Email and Phone Requests

Capacity: Same Day Local Pick Up. Everyday.

Service: Transit Time only 5-7 calendar days or less to all points in the US

Technology: On-Line Rate Quote, Tracking, POD and Chat

Service to All Retailers: Including Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco, Walgreens, and many, many more.

Delivery Appointments: Pre-appoint all deliveries, familiar with all retailer appointment processes.

Eliminate Damages: Freight is only handled once at our warehouse, loaded to deliver direct to the consignee

Reputation: Sunset Pacific Transportation is utilized by hundreds of 3PLs, including the top names in our industry.

Safety: Low CSA Scores, All Insurances, and CARB compliant

Experience: Consolidation Experts since 1987

A Volume LTL Carrier You Can Trust

  • For 3PLs & 4PLs, Freight Brokers and Shippers alike, we help you increase your margins by beating the price that truckload/intermodal carriers offer, without sacrificing service.
  • We have daily local pick up availability in Southern CA from Ventura to San Diego out to Palm Springs.
  • We have next day pick up availability in Northern CA. Phoenix AZ., and Las Vegas NV.
  • Delivery to all 48 states, including Western Region.

Volume LTL Quote FAQs

What is a volume shipment?

A volume shipment refers to the transportation of a large quantity of goods or cargo at once. It typically involves filling a significant portion or the entire capacity of a transportation container or vehicle. Volume shipments are cost-effective for businesses handling substantial quantities of products or materials.

Are all volume shipments the same?

No, not all volume shipments are the same. Volume shipments can vary widely depending on the nature of the goods being transported, the mode of transportation used (e.g., truck, ship, rail), and the specific logistics requirements of the shipper or receiver.

Do volume quotes expire?

Indeed, volume shipment quotes typically have a set expiration date, similar to many shipping quotes. These expirations are necessary due to fluctuations in fuel costs, weather conditions, and seasonal variations in lane capacity. The specific expiration dates for volume quotes can vary among carriers.

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