Volume LTL/Partial Truckload

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Save money!!!  With Sunset Pacific Transportation, you only pay for the space you need!



Make more margin for your company or reduce your shipping costs!  Transit time is close to truckload transit time to all points throughout the U.S.  This is a special “New Mode” of shipping.

Your #1 Choice for Volume LTL

3PL Friendly




Sunset Pacific Transportation is the “New Mode” for your Volume LTL and Partial Truckloads.  We are a niche carrier that handles freight that is too big, too heavy, too fragile, or too bulky for traditional LTL.

Only pay for the space that is necessary to move your shipment. Take advantage of Sunset Pacific Transportation’s New Mode to help increase your margins and save your customer money on their shipments!

Let us help you utilize the New Mode with Sunset Pacific Transportation!




  • Save Money.  Better Margins utilizing Consolidation vs. Truckload or Intermodal.
  • Get the Best Rate.  Flexible Spot Quote Pricing.
  • Quick.  Extremely Responsive to Email and Phone Requests.
  • Capacity.  Same Day Local Pick Up.  Everyday.
  • Service.  Nearly Same Transit Time as Truckload, 7 calendar days or less to all points in the U.S.
  • All Retailers.   Deliver to all including Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco, and many, many more.
  • Eliminate Damages.   Freight is only handled once at our warehouse, loaded to deliver direct to the consignee.
  • Reputation.   Sunset Pacific Transportation is utilized by hundreds of 3PLs, including the top names in our industry.
  • Safety.  Low CSA scores, low accident rate, $10M Liability, $250,000 Cargo Green.   CARB Compliant.
  • Experience.   Consolidation Experts since 1987.


Example of our consolidation dock floor

                                                                                                         Example of our consolidation dock floor

Watch these quick videos to learn about our Volume LTL service and why it makes us better than our competition




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Utilize the NEW  Mode.  Consolidation.